CDC’s uniquely designed data centres provide

technically superior solutions at a lower total

cost of ownership for each client.


CDC uses a standardised approach to data centre infrastructure featuring a Hot Aisle Containment solution that is at least 50 per cent more efficient than a combination of perimeter/point cooling with increased availability, reliability and maintainability. CDC's environment supports higher density and multi-density cooling that is integrated with client workloads - ramping up and down automatically - whilst significantly reducing client footprints.


CDC’s concurrently maintainable architecture offers maximum availability and redundancy across all infrastructures. This is not available from any other commercial data centre in Canberra.

Racks / Pods

CDC provides individual racks or PODS (up to 20 racks) to clients. These are customisable from size to power density. CDC has a base offering of 7.5Kw per rack up to 50Kw per rack. This load can also be spread across a POD rather than confined to a single rack. CDC’s precision cooling also allows the building of custom rooms or suites for its clients.