CDC offers a comprehensive suite of data centre services

including design, implementation, migration, operations and

remote 'hands on' management.


CDC provides its' own internal tools for data centre management

to clients, along with private power meeting for each customer.

  • Custom Configuration

    CDC is able to deliver a wide range of custom solutions to clients. This can range from racks, power, cooling, security and rooms. CDC uses all of its technical, design and operational experience to make sure that CDC can meet the highest technical, security, reliability and green requirements a client might have.

  • Custom Rooms / Pods

    CDC is able to deliver custom configurations to clients. This can include B Class racks, 40Kw+ racks, extra deep racks, custom rooms, suites of rooms or specially designed racks with precision cooling and power delivery. CDC is able to meet the configuration needs of individual clients.

  • Custom Security

    CDC provides security to Australian Federal Government standards. However, some clients have individualised security needs. CDC is able to accommodate additional security on a client basis at either the rack, POD or room level. Some CDC clients have installed their own security systems for their custom rooms.

  • Cabling

    Clients do not need data cabling or electrical contractors to work on their equipment. The APC infrastructure is supplied pre-patched and fully wired.

  • Reporting

    Every major component is IP addressable and feeds 'real-time' information on rack temperature (front and back, across multiple positions in each rack), humidity, power consumption and power capacity to a central, remotely accessed management dashboard. Staff can set threshold alerts using a range of categories up to a 'Red Alert'. Should conditions change, messages are sent via SMS or email. Reports showing detailed trending analysis can be generated automatically, at any time, to help the team run their equipment most efficiently and effectively.