CDC’s Network Services

Designed exclusively for the CDC ecosystem -

SecureNetLINK is a rapidly accessible, highly flexible and

secure layer 2 cross-connect network service.

Facilitating from 1 to 100GB physical connections and thousands of logical connections,

SecureNetLINK delivers an agile interconnection service, with limitless configurations.

Designed to meet ‘on-demand’ business needs – SecureNetLINK is ideally suited to support project based,

cross-government, provider or hyperscale demands – allowing CDC partners and customers to

physically and logically connect within the secure ecosystem.

With diverse pathways and dual-core network fabrics, customers can be confident

SecureNetLINK is built for resilience, redundancy and is fault tolerant by design.

  • How do I consume SecureNetLINK services?

    CDC has designed its’ Network Service Provider (NSP) fabric ‘SecureNetLINK’ as an extension to the Data Centre ‘managed services’ already provided to most CDC customers. NSP and SecureNetLINK can be consumed as a ‘service’ through established government procurement and CDC lease agreement mechanisms.

  • How do I manage my usage?

    CDC provides SecureNetLINK customers with an easily accessible interface, to ensure you are always in control of your subscription and have information on usage. CDC will provide online evaluation reports on usage and can provide advice to ensure you are consuming the most appropriate configuration to suit your current needs.

  • How safe is SecureNetLINK?

    SecureNetLINK is contained and administered within the CDC ecosystem – to compliment the TOP SECRET building classification of CDC. Assurance and control is maintained by using the SecureNetLINK service to supplement the customers internal network security and governance mechanisms.

  • Will SecureNetLINK cost more if I have high data volumes?

    SecureNetLINK provides customers with unlimited data egress usage without any charge –the costs are only based on the level of bandwidth subscription required.

  • Can I use SecureNetLINK for classified workloads?

    Yes - SecureNetLINK is going through the certification process to obtain ‘Protected’ level classification. However, CDC should be treated like any other NSP carrier – with customers and providers jointly encrypting data traversing the SecureNetLINK service.

  • Is there help available to design my strategy?

    CDC have specialist and experienced resources available, to help customers make informed decisions to support your cloud connectivity requirements and transformation strategy. Effective solution design – ensuring the right mix of cloud platforms, combined with unique CDC ecosystem services, will drive efficiency into the ICT capability of your organisation.

  • How do I connect to SecureNetLINK?

    To discover how CDC can deliver SecureNetLINK to suit your specific connectivity strategy – please contact or discuss with your CDC Account Manager.

CDC and SecureNetLink infographic