CDC delivers world leading technologies,
security, services, reliability and environmental
outcomes to the data centre.



Technology Sustainability Security Services


CDC uses state of the art technology for power delivery, cooling and security. CDC is constantly looking at new ways to make its data centres more efficient, green, secure and reliable for its clients. CDC’s facilities are designed, built and operated under the principles of the TIA-942 standard, are concurrently maintainable and have delivered 99.99999999% up time since 2007.

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CDC's approach to data centre delivery is that it should constantly strive to be as green as possible. To that extent CDC ensures all operations and services are delivered to meet this green goal. CDC's drive to reduce its carbon foot print and water consumption at every oportunity includes the adoptions of modern standards including AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental Management Systems. CDC also provides green reporting for its clients.

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CDC’s security posture and protocols are critical to the successful operations of CDC's client deployments. To that end, CDC's data centres are certified to current Government security standards in addition to 24 hours, 7 days a week on-site security guards. Customisable security options are also available on a client by client basis. 

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CDC offers data centre services such as pre-deployment design optimisation, deployment and implementation, migration, security and client operations management. CDC provides sophisticated tools for data centre monitoring and management to each client including capacity, asset and change management in addition to private power metering and regular reporting.

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