AU Cloud

AUCloud provides highly secure, standards based, sovereign cloud IaaS to Australian Government and Critical National Industry communities. AUCloud is Australian owned and therefore only subject to Australian law and is managed, operated and monitored in Australia by security cleared Australian citizens with all AUCloud services and the data it hosts, remains in Australia. This includes all customer data, account data, metadata, support and administrative data and derived analytics data.
Independently IRAP certified to PROTECTED using the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC’s) Cloud Assessment and Authorisation Framework (CAAF) and the August 2020 ISM, our two independent environments: an OFFICAL Data Community Environment (ODCE) and a PROTECTED Data Community Environment (PDCE), meet or exceed these controls. We are also ISO27001 certified across all aspects of the business; a VMware Cloud Verified provider and Cisco Master Partner for Cloud Services.
AUCloud integrates API centric, micro service, containerized, automation, orchestration and monitoring practices and is protected by world leading proactive cyber threat monitoring.
Our Partners include global System Integrators and large and SME Australian companies, experienced in delivering quality, cost effective solutions to Government, Defence and CNI organisations by harnessing cloud economic principles.
AUCloud solutions enable customers to benefit from sovereign data protection with the scale, automation, elasticity and lower costs typically associated with global cloud offerings.

Engineered to Protected